Win98 file-checker bug uncovered

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Win98 file-checker bug uncovered

Windows 98 has a bug that can render PCs unbootable after running the System File Checker tool.

The bug occurs when the checker installs the wrong file in place of a damaged or missing Windows 98 system file.

The wrong file can be installed because incorrect information was provided to the checker about the location of “cabinet” files, where Windows 98 system files are stored. The incorrect information can cause System File Checker to locate and install the wrong file in place of the system file.

When the bug occurs, Windows 98 PCs can freeze and fail to load Windows 98.

According to Microsoft, users who experience the problem can work around it by starting their computer with the Windows 98 Startup Disk and overwriting the replacement system files using extract.exe at a command prompt.

Microsoft has posted information on the bug at

The full story is online at