Dell slashes OptiPlex pricing

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Dell slashes OptiPlex pricing

Dell Computer has reduced prices up to 17 percent across its OptiPlex desktop PC line.

As an example, the OptiPlex GX1p has been reduced 11.8 percent, from $2,198 to $1,938. It includes a 500MHz Pentium III processor, 128MB of ECC 100MHz SDRAM, 10GB EIDE HD, a 17X/40X CD-ROM, 8MB of integrated video SGRAM, integrated 3Com 10/100 networking, factory-installed Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, and a 17″ monitor.

The OptiPlex GX1, with a 400MHz Pentium II, has been reduced 17 percent, from $1,343 to $1,117.

An OptiPlex G1, based on a 400MHz Celeron, has been reduced 13.9 percent, from $927 to $798.

Dell said the price cuts result from declining component cost and direct model efficiencies gained through increased Internet sales and online technical support delivery.

More information on OptiPlex products and pricing can be found at


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