VIA bought Cyrix

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VIA bought Cyrix

One of the big news is the fact that VIA will carry on with National Semiconductors developements for a socket 370 CPU which will be announced within this year. In addition VIA plans to develop a “system on a chip” CPU where parts out of VIA, S3 and Cyrix can be found. As VIA is a close partner of Microsoft in the CE field, systems in this area will be found in the future also.

Not included in the deal so far is a take over of the fab in Maine. VIA still wants to stay fabless. As VIA Chips are manufactored at TSMC in Taiwan, this company is also effected by that deal. TSMC will have a fully working 0.18µ fab within the next 18 months also. In addition TSMC is capeable of the 12″ wafer technology.

Under the roof of VIA now you can find a strong group: S3 with its patents, Cyrix CPU developement and its patents, TSMC manufacturing sites, Cheap Memory like PC-133 and VC-RAM from NEC and VIA Chipsets to combine all the pieces to a system, which is somehow equal to Intel.

The official release:
VIA Technologies, Inc. and National Semiconductor Corporation today jointly announced that they have
signed a letter of intent for VIA to purchase the Cyrix stand-alone x86 PC processor business for an undisclosed amount. VIA intends to continue to develop and market the successful line of Cyrix CPUs. Further details on the timing and structure of the transaction will be announced during the next month.