3Com to upgrade modems via the web

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3Com to upgrade modems via the web

3Com Corp. will use software from Digital River to allow 3Com customers to download modem upgrades for 15 different models of 33.6K to 56K modems.

Digital River developed a Web-commerce platform to interface with 3Com’s sophisticated Internet Upgrade Wizard and to deliver 56K upgrades via the Web. This unique capability allows 3Com customers to easily enhance their Internet access speeds and capabilities, as well as obtain feature enhancements and code updates, according to the companies.

The new web-based upgrade system replaces a direct dial system, which was only available in countries that had dedicated dial-in servers. The 3Com Internet Upgrade Wizard leverages the users’ existing Internet connection, making it a globally accessible system.

For further information, users can visit www.3com.com.