Intel issues Whitney fix

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Intel issues Whitney fix

Intel has delivered to OEMs a fix for another glitch with its 810 chip set for Celeron-based PCs.

The chip set, formerly code-named Whitney, has a problem that can cause its real-time clock to display incorrect date and time.

The real-time clock updates the time once per second, and its supposed to alert the system that it is doing so. Because of the erratum, the update alert may not get sent, causing incorrect data to be displayed.

Some applications get their time information from the chip set, which also supplies timing information to a PC’s BIOS software.

The fix consists of updated BIOS software, which ensures that a system knows the clock is being updated. The glitch may cause some 810-based products to be delayed.

OEMs are concerned that the glitch could trigger some year 2000 testing tools to list an affected PC as non-Y2K compliant.

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