‘July killer’ plays Russian roulette in Asia

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'July killer' plays Russian roulette in Asia

A new macro virus is wiping out hard drives in Asia, forcing users there to play a dangerous game of Russian roulette with their data.

The virus only affects computers with Japanese or Chinese versions of Microsoft Word, according to antivirus company Data Fellows.

Once an infected document is opened, according to security firm Trend Micro Inc., the virus checks to see if the current month is July. If it is a dialog box with the text “A wake up call for the generation” pops up. If the user clicks “OK,” a message appears that says, “You are wise, please choose this later again, critically” and “Congratulations.”

But if the user chooses “Cancel” three times, another message appears: “Stop it! You are so incurable to lose three chances! Now, god will punish you.” Then the virus begins to delete all files on the user’s c: drive.

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