Web video camera costs under $50

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Web video camera costs under $50

Logitech has introduced an Internet video camera that breaks the $50 price barrier.

The QuickCam Express employs a simple design for both camera and software – so consumers can send video images and photos over the Internet as easily as they now send text, company officials said. The product will be available in late July.

The integrated hardware and software package is easy to install and use. Users plug in the camera, load the software, and push a button to record a video or snap a photo. Sending video e-mail or a photo over the Internet requires a single click.

The seventh generation in the QuickCam line, the product also bundles a copy of Microsoft NetMeeting 2.1.

Minimum system requirements include Windows 95 or 98, a Pentium 200MHz or higher, a USB port, at least 16MB of RAM, at least 50 MB of hard drive space, a CD-ROM drive, a 16-bit color display, Windows-compatible sound card, speakers and a microphone.

For more information, visit www.logitech.com.