Abit motherboards to drive high-end game PCs

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Abit motherboards to drive high-end game PCs

GamePC now offers the Abit BE6 and BP6 motherboards for sale with its high performance gaming systems.

The BE6 is a single Slot 1 CPU main board that has built-in support for the ATA-66 IDE protocol. The jumperless main board allows for voltage adjustment of the CPU and lets you incrementally adjust the bus speed of the system via the BIOS settings.

This board is used in GamePC’s new LiquidX series of computers as well as its Game Duke systems.

The BP6 is the world’s first dual Socket 370 main board, according to the company, and allows for independent voltage adjustment of each CPU. Like the BE6, the BP6 features a jumperless design, support for the ATA-66 IDE protocol and bus speed changes in the BIOS. The BP6 is used in GamePC’s Excalibur line of computers, which provide affordable dual-CPU overclocked systems to customers.

More information is available at www.gamepc.com.