SuperDisk supercedes itself

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SuperDisk supercedes itself

Imation Corp. has announced four new and improved SuperDisk drives, offering faster performance, lightweight design, and simpler installation.

The new SuperDisk models also include a USB version for PC and Macintosh platforms.

While previous-generation SuperDisk drives from Imation read data about 10 times faster than a floppy drive, the new SuperDisk drives read up to 27 times faster than a floppy.

The new drives are fast enough to hande multimedia applications such as video and audio recording.

Like all SuperDisk drives, the new products are fully read and write compatible with floppies and 120MB SuperDisk diskettes.

The SuperDisk USB Drive for PC and Macintosh will be available in August for $169.99.

The SuperDisk USB drive for Macintosh only is available now at $169.99.

The SuperDisk Internal Drive is available now at $99.99, and the company is offering a $20 rebate on products purchased before Dec. 31, 1999.

The SuperDisk parallel port drive is available now at $149.99 – also with a $20 rebate if purchased before Dec. 31, 1999.

More information about SuperDisk technology is available at