Single-chip processor powers web audio appliances

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Single-chip processor powers web audio appliances

Aplio Inc. has announced the industry’s first single-chip solution for audio-enabled Internet appliances.

The Aplio TRIO chip is designed to provide all the necessary components on a single chip for manufacturers to develop low cost, standalone Internet audio appliances.

Devices based on the Aplio chip may include Internet telephones, Internet radios, and digital music (MP3) players. In addition, the TRIO can be used to integrate telephony features into other Internet appliances, such as set-top boxes, web pads, web screen phones, and conventional telephones.

According to International Data Corp., U.S. shipments of non-PC Internet access devices is expected to grow from about 2 million units in 1998 to 40 million units in 2002 – representing nearly half of all computing devices shipped.

The Aplio TRIO combines a 32-bit RISC CPU and two 16-bit fixed point DSPs with 98K of memory per DSP. It also includes all the necessary peripheral interfaces, such as DRAM, keyboard, etc.

Aplio plans to initially offer the TRIO in 16-bit BUS and 32-bit BUS packages by the end of Q4, with pricing to start at $20 for quantities of 100,000. Further details are online at