MagicSpin 56X claims title of fastest CD-ROM

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MagicSpin 56X claims title of fastest CD-ROM

I/OMagic Corp. has released the MagicSpin 56X, which it claims is the fastest CD-ROM player yet.

The MagicSpin 56X is the first internal IDE CD-ROM kit to achieve a maximum transfer rate of 8400 kbps, according to the company. It is also 130 percent faster than 24X drives.

The device has an average access time of 80ms and it supports Ultra-DMA Mode 2 with transfer rates up to 33MB/sec. The Ultra DMA interface consumes less processor bandwidth, which frees the processor for other tasks and improves overall system performance, the company says.

The MagicSpin 56X is expected to sell for $89 and is available now in national computer retail outlets.

More information is posted on the company’s home page at


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