Multimedia keyboard: Alternative to `mouse-click monotony?’

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Multimedia keyboard: Alternative to `mouse-click monotony?'

Behavior Tech Computer is shipping its BTC 9000 and 9000A multimedia keyboards, incorporating 15 buttons across the top to control Internet access, CD functions such as speaker volume, shortcuts to files and applications, and power saving features.

BTC says it designed the keyboards to meet increasing end-user demand to bypass mouse activity and create easy access to common PC functions, such as the need to surf the web at the touch of a button.

The BTC 9000A features a push-button volume control, while the BTC 9000 provides a rotary knob volume control. Both keyboards provide Internet, CD functions, shortcuts to applications and files, and power saving functions at the touch of a key.

The BTC 9000 and 9000A are priced in the $20 to $30 range. Additional information is posted at


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