Software enhances DVD video, game experience

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Software enhances DVD video, game experience

MGI Software Corp. has announced the compatibility of its SoftDVD decoder software with Panasonic’s high-performance, high-capacity DVD-RAM drive.

SoftDVD replaces dedicated MPEG-2 or Dolby Digital (AC-3) hardware needed for DVD playback.

In addition to providing video and audio DVD playback, MGI’s SoftDVD MAX and the Panasonic DVD-RAM provide PC users with a range of other capabilities and features. MGI’s SoftDVD MAX and DVD-RAM drive give users a choice of languages on the sound track; the ability to play back favorite sections instantly; special-effects playback (such as slow-motion); the choice of parental “locks” on objectionable scenes; and in some cases, the ability to select different camera angles.

Applications range from playback of corporate presentations and training films, to Hollywood movies and interactive game titles.

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