Toshiba buys IBM’s DRAM stake

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Toshiba buys IBM's DRAM stake

IBM and Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. have agreed to split up a joint DRAM manufacturing venture and go their separate ways.

Toshiba will buy out IBM’s interest in Dominion Semiconductor L.L.C., and is expected to branch out into manufacturing several kinds of memory, including 133MHz SDRAM, Rambus DRAM and Double Data Rate SDRAM.

Toshiba currently utilizes about 50 percent of Dominion’s manufacturing capacity of some 4 million 64M-bit DRAM modules per month. Toshiba will increase its share of that capacity to 75 percent, while expanding capacity to reach 6 million units per month by year’s end.

The plant is also expected to make the transition to a new, .20 micron manufacturing process in August.

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