Gonzo ships `SKYDIVE!’

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Gonzo ships `SKYDIVE!'

Gonzo Games has released SKYDIVE!, a “reality-based” PC/Macintosh game that simulates the extreme sport of skydiving.

Players experience all the phases of a real skydive – exiting the aircraft, freefalling at speeds of more than 200 feet per second and deploying and landing their parachute.

SKYDIVE! players choose their parachute and one of nine exotic skydiving locations, including the Arctic Sea, Death Valley, Bermuda, Stonehenge, Normandy, France, Moscow, Russia, and Seoul. All are accurately rendered as the player descends closer to their target.

SKYDIVE! retails for $19.99 and carries an ESRB rating of “E” for Everyone.

Gonzo Games, a division of Electronic Arts, provides additional information at www.ea.com/eastudios/skydive.