Wintel duopoly pushes workstation envelope

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Wintel duopoly pushes workstation envelope

Microsoft and Intel are working to increase workstation performance.

Following their call to arms at last week’s Workstation Leadership Forum in Burlingame, Calif., Intel is developing new workstation-specific hardware, while Microsoft is adding support for the workstation technologies to Windows 2000 and Windows 64, the 64-bit version of Windows 2000.

Intel’s workstation building blocks, due by midyear, include a new chip set for Pentium III processors called the 840, which offers support for AGP Pro. AGP Pro is an extension to the AGP graphics bus that offers higher-performance image display, video and 3D capabilities for workstations based on current 32-bit processors, such as the Pentium III, as well as machines using forthcoming 64-bit processors.

Another new building block is WTX, a specification for workstation chassis design that was developed by Intel with the help of about two dozen workstation makers, motherboard suppliers, chassis makers and power supply vendors.

WTX systems will support dual-processor motherboards for both IA-32 and IA-64 chips.

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