Jet fighters meet NovaWorld

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Jet fighters meet NovaWorld

NovaLogic has announced the release of a free upgrade that for the first time ever, allows gamers to fly three stand-alone air combat simulations in a single, large-scale environment.

The upgrade for “F-22 Raptor” lets the simulation’s advanced tactical fighter go head-to-head with the jets featured in “F-16 Multirole Fighter” and “MiG-29 Fulcrum.”

Players will be able to use the fighters that suit them best to engage in heated dogfights in the 120-plus player arenas in the Integrated Battle Space on NovaLogic’s free NovaWorld online service.

The upgrade is available free to “F-22 Raptor” owners via NovaLogic’s Web site – – or on CD-ROM for a nominal fee through NovaLogic.