Compaq readies first ultra-portable notebook

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Compaq readies first ultra-portable notebook

Compaq is preparing to release its first ultra-portable notebook PC for corporate users.

The new Armada ultra-portable is based on Compaq’s Aero 8000, a Windows CE device with keyboard. At about the same size and weight (three pounds, 11-by-9 inches) the one-inch-thick, clamshell-style notebook features a larger screen with an 11.3″ TFT display capable of 800-by-600 resolution.

Unlike IBM’s recently introduced ThinkPad 240 and Sony’s Vaio PictureBook, the Armada also offers expansion modules and Pentium II processor support. Models will be available with a 333-MHz Celeron or 333-MHz Pentium II processor, 64MB expandable to 128MB of memory and a 4GB or 6.4GB hard drive.

Customers can choose either a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive and optional high-capacity LS-120 drive. Also included is a full set of ports – monitor, parallel, serial, infrared, USB, modem, and audio – along with support for a docking station with additional connectivity options, including support for corporate LANs.

Sources close to the company say entry-level models will start at around $2,000 and could be announced July 26.

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