Compaq commits to Adaptec’s new SCSI

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Compaq commits to Adaptec's new SCSI

Compaq will be the first company to offer Adaptec’s new 160MB/second SCSI technology as an option for its next-generation of workstations and commercial desktop PCs.

The Adaptec AHA-3960D Ultra160/m SCSI host adapter, currently available to OEM customers, doubles the data transfer speeds of Ultra2 SCSI. It also contains three core features defined in the Ultra3 SCSI specification, including double-edge clocking, which allows for 2X transfer speeds while reducing any implementation risks.

Adaptec says its 160/m technology offers the fastest data transfer rates available, even when compared with other interfaces such as UDMA, Fibre Channel, and 1394.

The new technology will be available with Compaq Professional Workstations and Deskpro PC products during the third quarter of 1999.

Compaq officials note that the Ultra 160/m provides backward compatibility with previous generations of SCSI technology, allowing customers to leverage their existing investment in current and older SCSI peripherals. More information on Adaptec and its products is available at