IBM buys Sequent

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IBM buys Sequent

In a move designed to beef up its high-end server business, IBM says it will buy Sequent Computer Systems for $810 million.

Sequent makes servers that use a special technology – non-uniform memory access architecture (NUMA) – allowing up to 64 Intel processors to operate as a single system. NUMA is particularly useful for e-business applications, allowing customers to manage unpredictable workloads or spikes in online traffic, IBM said.

Sequent’s technology also allows users to run multiple operating systems. For instance, customers can run UNIX applications on some processors and NT applications on others at the same time, and manage the systems from a single point.

IBM said that it will begin selling Sequent’s product line as soon as the deal is complete, and will integrate its technologies into its own products. IBM will also provide middleware support for Sequent’s current product line.

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