New software from `Cult’ hacker

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New software from `Cult' hacker

The hacker behind BackOrifice 2000 is preparing two more releases in the coming weeks.

Ironically, both programs from “Sir Dystic” of the media-friendly hacking group Cult of the Dead Cow are intended to give users greater protection from electronic intruders.

The first, dubbed CDC Protector, is designed to block viruses and so-called Trojan Horse programs from throwing a monkey wrench into the computerized works of users that may not know better. If an innocent looking e-mail gets ready to erase a computer’s hard drive, for example, the program sends an alert that gives the user one last chance to stop it.

The second program, tentatively called CDC System Monitor, will log the activity of each program on the system, enabling users to monitor exactly what a program does.

Both applications will be free and available from the CDC’s Web site.

One caveat, of course: CDC is a group of hackers, so all software should be used at your own risk.

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