Compaq: Big things in small packages

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Compaq: Big things in small packages

Compaq Computer has announced a small form factor commercial PC equipped with Intel’s premier 550MHz Pentium III.

Designed to fit on crowded desks, in overstuffed cubicles, and space-constrained retail environments, the DeskPro EN is 36 percent smaller than a conventional desktop PC.

Compaq claims the space-saving design does not sacrifice power or stability. In addition to the Pentium III, the EN Series is available with Celeron or Pentium II processors. The systems also feature 64MB or 128MB of SDRAM, an integrated network controller, onboard ATI RAGE PRO TURBO AGP 2X graphics, integrated PremierSound audio, a 6.4GB or 10GB SMART II Ultra ATA hard drive, and an optional 24X slimline CD-ROM drive.

The 550MHz Pentium III version of the system retails for $1,849 and up, with a Compaq S700 Monitor.

More information on the Deskpro EN series small form factor PC is posted at


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