Multiple Merced chipsets in offing

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Multiple Merced chipsets in offing

Intel, IBM and HP are all pursuing separate efforts to develop chipsets for Intel’s upcoming 64-bit Merced microprocessor and its successor, code-named McKinley.

Chipsets could end up being the biggest differentiator among Merced-based systems.

IBM is building a chipset that will let it construct up to 32-way multiprocessing systems. Code-named Summit, the logic will be used in upcoming incarnations of the Netfinity server family.

Hewlett-Packard’s chipset for Merced will also support up to 32-way multiprocessing. The chip set is code-named CEC, for core electronics complement. HP is focusing on a family of servers, code-named Tahoe, that will rely on the CEC set for a leg up in performance.

As for Intel, it appears to be aiming for the volume market. The company’s core-logic centerpiece will be the 82460GX, which will support one- to four-way processing.

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