All-Star debut for new 3D technology

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All-Star debut for new 3D technology

Baseball fans with a computer and internet access were able to get an up-close look at major league fastballs, curves and sliders during last week’s All-Star Game.

SportsLine USA, designer of the unique multi-media application Baseball Live, introduced 3D Pitch Tracker on the official 1999 All-Star Game web site during Tuesday night’s contest.

Displayed with technology from Shells Interactive, the new feature allowed fans that logged on to the site to witness in real time the speed, trajectory, movement and ultimate location of every pitch in 3D.

3D Pitch Tracker combines proprietary, licensed “data capture” technology with Shells Interactive 3D Dreams technology to create and distribute interactive 3D over the internet. Designed for use by web artists and multimedia designers, 3D Dreams is available for $495 from