Best Data introduces 4-port USB hub

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Best Data introduces 4-port USB hub

Best Data Products has added a 4-port hub to its USB product line.

The hub makes it possible to have more peripherals and networking products connected to a desktop or laptop, and USB technology makes it possible to plug and unplug them without rebooting or reconfiguring. LEDs on the hub show the status of each port.

Best’s hubs can be daisychained to provide even more connections for USB modems, speakers, joysticks, and other peripherals. The USB technology s designed to support the simultaneous connection of up to 128 devices operating at up to 12Mbps.

The hub can be used on either PC-compatible or Macintosh systems.

Available at retail computer and office supply stores, by mail order and online, Best’s 4-port hub is expected to sell for $29.95.

Details are available at