Phantom Menace starfighter joins Rogue Squadron

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Phantom Menace starfighter joins Rogue Squadron

Owners of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron can now pilot Anakin Skywalker’s powerful Naboo starfighter.

Introduced in December 1998, Rogue Squadron provides an action-arcade experience that allows PC and Nintendo 64 players to join an elite group of starfighter pilots in ground-to-air and air-to-air battle scenarios.

The highly agile Naboo starfighter, first seen in the motion picture Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, is armed with rapid-fire twin laser cannons, homing missiles, and other upgradable weaponry. Officials at LucasArts say its advanced hyperdrive engine and superior handling characteristics will allow players to rapidly out-maneuver their dreaded foes.

Information about how to access the Naboo starfighter will be available to PC players through, and a variety of interactive game web sites. Nintendo will simultaneously reveal the cheat code to Nintendo 64 owners through Nintendo Power magazine and online at