VIA introduces PC133 chipset

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VIA introduces PC133 chipset

VIA Technologies says it has introduced the first chipset to support the emerging PC133 standard.

The VIA Apollo Pro133 will deliver the enhanced performance and optimal scalability provided by PC133 technology to the mainstream PC market, company officials said.

PC133 refers to the increase in operating speed of a PC’s front-side-bus and memory bus from 100MHz to 133MHz. Support for PC133 SDRAM delivers up to a 33 percent increase in memory performance over PC100 types.

The Apollo Pro133’s 133MHz front-side-bus supports 133MHz Pentium III and other next-generation processors that will be available later this year, and is also suitable for PC100 and PC66-based sub-$1,000 PCs using Pentium II and Celeron processors. In addition, it offers the advantage of 66/100MHz and 100/133MHz memory and processor combinations with independent asynchronous operation of the AGP bus.

VIA’s Apollo Pro133 is now available for $29. Additional information about the company and its products is available at