Connectix updates Virtual PC for Mac

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Connectix updates Virtual PC for Mac

Connectix has announced version 3.0 of its Virtual PC emulation software for the Macintosh.

Designed to allow Mac users to run Windows applications, Virtual PC 3.0 adds extensive USB device support. The new version also accelerates PC disk performance and network access, while providing the convenience of sharing a single Internet connection between a user’s Mac and Windows environments.

The addition of Sound Blaster 16 support in version 3 will let users enjoy higher quality sound, enhancing their multimedia or gaming experience, the company says.

Virtual PC features “drag and drop” support for sharing files between Mac and Windows desktops, bi-directional copy and paste, full Ethernet support, and serial device support.

The software will begin shipping in late September. The estimated street price will range from $45 to upgrade from a previous version, to $179 for a new user installng Windows 98 emulation on the Mac.

The compay’s web site is located at


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