Apple rewrites portable line with iBook

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Apple rewrites portable line with iBook

Calling it “an iMac to go,” Apple Computer cofounder and CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the company’s much-anticipated consumer portable to an enthusiastic audience at the annual Macworld Expo/New York ’99.

Sporting several innovative features, the iBook will ship in September for $1,599.

The notebook will integrate a 300MHz G3 processor and a 12.1″ TFT display with a resolution of 800 by 600 pixels, along with an ATI RAGE chip and 4MB of graphics memory. A CD-ROM drive will also be built in, along with 32 MB of memory (expandable to 160 MB), a modem, USB and 10/100 Ethernet; and a full-size keyboard.

Apple also touted the device’s six-hour battery life and its rugged design, which features a polycarbonite chassis and rubber styling.

The system will support a new Apple wireless LAN, called Airport, with a throughput rate of 11Mbps.

Like the iMac, the iBook will be colorful: The systems will ship initially in tangerine and blueberry color schemes.

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