"Hidden & Dangerous" conquers UK, takes aim at US

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"Hidden & Dangerous" conquers UK, takes aim at US

TalonSoft has released “Hidden & Dangerous”, a new World War II combat action game.

Developed by Illusion Softworks, the game includes a roster of 40 international commandos, from which players assemble a four-man squad of elite paratroopers for daring commando raids behind enemy lines.

Hidden & Dangerous was released in the UK in early July and quickly rose to number two on the PC sales charts. It offers support for a wide variety of 3D accelerator cards, such as the VooDoo product line from 3Dfx, and includes a new graphics engine, called the Insanity engine, that allows players to experience a wide variety of realistic 3D environments, company officials said.

Hidden & Dangerous is now available at stores nationwide. It can also be purchased from TalonSoft directly at www.talonsoft.com.