IBM’s ‘Shark’ adds bite to storage

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IBM's 'Shark' adds bite to storage

In a bid to reclaim momentum in a business it pioneered decades ago, IBM introduced a new generation of high-volume data storage systems.

The new Enterprise Storage Server – code-named “Shark” – can handle from 420 GB up to 11 TB, or trillions of Bytes, the highest capacity in the industry, IBM says.

The ESS line is designed to provide large organizations with a means of handling exploding data storage requirements fueled by spiraling Internet use. A modular, snap-in design allows users to add additional storage capacity over time.

The new products position IBM to compete with EMC, the long-time leader in so-called “open” storage systems that are made to work with all major computer systems. Currently, most corporate data storage systems are built by computer makers to work mainly with their own computer systems.

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