"Millenium" Windows to add music, photo options

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"Millenium" Windows to add music, photo options

Microsoft next consumer version of Windows will feature tightly integrated support for digital music, digital photography and online services.

Microsoft has delivered the first beta version of the OS, code-named Millennium, to some PC manufacturers and other testers. The finished product is expected to succeed Windows 98 next year.

One of the major goals for Millennium is to make it easier for users to play, view and store the digital music that is increasingly available online, and to scan, send and receive digital photographs, according to Microsoft’s Consumer Windows Division’s group product manager.

The new version will also make it easier for consumers to connect to the web and locate sites, as well as to use filters to shield minors from objectionable content.

The new operating system will also include additional technology for home networking. Additional details are in the article posted at www.zdnn.com.