IBM to offer "proactive" PC care

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IBM to offer "proactive" PC care

IBM is slated to roll out a line of service offerings next week aimed at increasing the “stability” of its PC products.

The company’s Personal Systems Group will unveil the IBM PC Life Cycle Care program, including customer product reviews and “proactive” updates of new technology. It will be made available on PC 300s, ThinkPads, Intellistations, and Netfinity Servers.

The program will be free to existing customers.

The program’s Web-based “proactive change notification” service will provide resellers, integrators and end users with access to detailed information on issues ranging from BIOS changes to product refreshes. Product reviews – providing details about future products, migration of existing products, and IBM’s technology road map – will be available to existing IBM customers who sign non-disclosure agreements.

IBM also will extend its program of providing “workhorse” models – systems provided in early stages of major product rollouts – from the ThinkPads to Netfinities, PC 300s, and Intellistations.

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