3dfx to banish the "jaggies"

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3dfx to banish the "jaggies"

PC graphics chip and board maker 3dfx Interactive is expected to announce on Monday a new graphics technology that will “close the gap between digital Hollywood effects and the PC,” according to co-founder and chief technology officer Scott Sellers.

The new hardware technology, called T-buffer, combines effects such as anti-aliasing, motion blurring and depth-of-field blur.

Perhaps the most useful part of the technology is its ability to fix “aliasing” – a side effect of fixed-resolution monitors that causes steps, or “jaggies,” to appear along straight lines.

Anti-aliasing has always been somthing of a Holy Grail within the graphics industry. In fact, many graphics board makers attempt to smooth out images in software – slowing a game’s action to a crawl.

The T-buffer technology combines multiple images – currently four – that are kept in memory to generate a smoother final image that appears on the computer screen. The best feature: T-buffer works automatically, with no fixes or patching on the part of the software developer.

The full story is posted at www.zdnn.com.