Zoom ships iMac-styled, live-motion color camera

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Zoom ships iMac-styled, live-motion color camera

Zoom Telephonics has released a live-motion, full-color camera for Macintosh iMac and Power Macintosh computers with a USB port.

The ZoomCam USB offers still-image capture resolution rated up to 704 x 576 pixels, with a software-selectable frame rate as high as 30 frames per second in QCIF mode for subjects in motion.

Other features include a f1.5, multi-element, anti-reflection coated lens that can focus between 1.5 inches and infinity, a 60 degree wide angle view with automatic exposure control, brightness and contrast adjustment, backlight compensation and fluorescent light flicker control.

The camera’s driver software complies with the QuickTime standard, with video generated by the ZoomCam USB viewable on any Mac with the Apple MoviePlayer.

Also included is a software bundle featuring SmithMicro VideoLink, Microsoft NetMeeting and iVisit multi-party video conferencing software, PaintShopPro SE image editing software, and the full retail version of White Pine’s award-winning CU-SeeMe video conferencing software. Estimated retail price of the ZoomCam USB Model 1596 camera is $80. For more information, go to www.zoom.com.