Psygnosis releases first DVD title

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Psygnosis releases first DVD title

Psygnosis has released its first DVD computer game, Lander.

A space action/adventure game, the DVD version of Lander delivers realistic, high-resolution MPEG 2 video sequences along with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio to create a true theatrical experience, company officials said.

Psygnosis will offer both DVD-ROM and PC versions of the game on separate discs in the same package. The PC version, also a fully featured game, offers both Dolby Surround sound and MPEG 1 video sequences (slightly shorter in length) on a single CD-ROM.

Lander is an interplanetary exploration game that begins in the year 3032. Players must use their flying and tracking skills to maneuver their Lander through difficult obstacles on land, in subterranean caverns and through a variety of planetary installations.

To add even more intrigue, Lander offers multiplayer gameplay for up to eight players over a LAN network or the Internet.

For more information about Psygnosis, visit their website at


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