EarthLink sues Microworkz over PC deal

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EarthLink sues Microworkz over PC deal

ISP EarthLink Network has filed a lawsuit against discount PC maker Microworkz for allegedly failing to pay money it owed the company under a deal to give customers a year of free Web access.

The Seattle-based Microworkz immediately retaliated, saying it would file its own suit against EarthLink for allegedly supplying faulty software and botching the deal by failing to adequately educate its technical staff about the program.

Last week, EarthLink called off the deal in which it bundled free Internet access service with Microworkz’s $299 WEBzter computer, after Microworkz said it was scrapping the low-end PC in favor of its even more stripped-down, $199 iToaster.

Microworkz blames the problems on Earthlink, saying some customers had been unable to connect to the ISP after two months of trying, while others complained of being billed for the free service.

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