AT&T to connect Sega’s Dreamcast

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AT&T to connect Sega's Dreamcast

Sega of America will announce AT&T as the preferred Internet provider for its next-generation Dreamcast system.

Sources close to the companies say the console – due to be released on Sept. 9 – will come with a 56 kbps modem and use AT&T’s Worldnet service.

AT&T and Sega will co-market the web service, to be known as the Sega Dreamcast Network.

AT&T will use its standard pricing scheme for the gaming network: $9.95 for 10 hours, $19.95 for 150 hours and $21.95 for unlimited access. Later, broadband access via digital cable lines could be a future possibility, said one source. AT&T bought cable provider TCI earlier this year.

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