Barbie, Hot Wheels theme PCs planned

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Barbie, Hot Wheels theme PCs planned

Mattel Inc.’s Mattel Media division has announced the launch of Barbie- and Hot Wheels-branded PCs for children.

The $599 PCs, to be manufactured by Patriot Computers, will include a 333MHz Celeron and a 15″ monitor. Financing plans will be offered with payments starting at $14.98 per month.

The Barbie model will sport a silver-colored motif with pink and purple floral accents. Accessories will include a Barbie Digital Camera, a Barbie mouse, mousepad and CD holder.

The blue and gold Hot Wheels PC will also come accented with the famous flame logo. Accessories will include a matching steering wheel peripheral, mouse, mousepad and CD holder.

Consumers will be able to order the PCs directly from Patriot Computers starting on Sept. 15. Internet sales will be conducted at or