Easy PC initiative takes shape

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Easy PC initiative takes shape

Later this month, Intel will preview the first fruits of its Easy PC initiative, including a few all-in-one designs reminiscent of Apple’s iMac model.

The new designs will start shipping this fall.

Along with other ease-of-use features, the Easy PCs will appear sans parallel ports, serial ports, ISA support and floppy drive. They will come in a variety of designs, including an integrated unit that seemingly borrows from the iMac.

The Easy PC initiative includes Microsoft, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and others. Launched a year ago, the spec focuses on making PCs that are easier to setup, configure and get online with, according to proponents.

A typical Easy PC will offer a 500MHz to 600MHz Celeron or Pentium III processor with Intel’s 810 chip set.

Additional details are in the story posted at www.zdnn.com.


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