New Graphics Chip from Finland

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New Graphics Chip from Finland

The main difference compared to any other is the fact that the so called Glaze 3D has an on Chip Memory sized 9 MB in addition to another 32 MB external and a wider memory interface to access this internal memory. This new technology enables that chip to achive counted figures which are up to more than three times higher than the ones of currently known chips such as Voodoo³ or TNT-2.

Reading this news we were not sure whether or not this is again a fake like the TNT-2 SLI idea. Talking to Infineon (a 100% daughter of Siemens) whiped away our concerns.

Infineon is producing the slides for the chip based on Bit-Boys idea and will produce the chip itself. Both Infineon and Bit-Boys are planning to have a running silicon for OEM evaluation available early next year.

To give you an idea of the theoretical power here are some figures:

Triangle per second 7 Mtri/s for Voodoo³ 3000 but 15 Mtri/s for Glaze 3D. A look at the Texel /s makes things even clearer: 333 Mtexel/s for Voodo³ 3000 but 1200 Mtexel/s for Glaze 3D.

Be aware that both numbers, 3Dfx and Bit-Boys are just only theoretically calculated!! Users do not reach these maximum power with standard applications. As both numbers are calculated the same way they are compareable.

The power is not achived through speed but through technology. Glaze 3D is planned to work with 150 MHz only. Based on Infineons 0.20µ technology it should not be a problem to reach this speed.

The guy from Bit-Boys are going to introduce their technology at the Hardware Workshop during SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles from 8th to 9th of August.

Further Information can be found at and

If things happen as they are planned, these finnish guys will give nVidia, 3Dfx, Matrox and S3 a hard time.