eMachines’ iMac look-alike to ship

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eMachines' iMac look-alike to ship

eMachines Inc.’s all-in-one, transparent blue computer will debut at Circuit City stores this week.

While it’s a tribute to the Apple iMac on the outside, the $399 eOne is strictly Wintel on the inside.

EMachine’s insists that the similarities to the Apple PC are extremely limited – the e-One has a different shape, and sports a different color.

“The only commonality they have is translucency,” said eMachines CEO Stephen Dukker.

Because of this, Dukker hopes to sidestep legal action from Apple – a fate that befell competitor Future Power. The Korean-backed PC maker introduced an iMac look-alike machine at PC Expo earlier this summer, and found itself immediately embroiled in an Apple lawsuit.

The eOne will fearure a 433MHz Celeron processor, 64MB of memory, a 6.4GB hard drive, a 24x CD-ROM drive, and a floppy drive. A matching “cool blue” translucent Internet keyboard and “wheel” mouse are included.

The full story is online at www.zdnn.com.