Intel OEMs vote to extend Coppermine delay

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Intel OEMs vote to extend Coppermine delay

Intel says it polled OEM customers after announcing that its initial Coppermine chip would be late, and the results suggested the company should hold out for an even longer delay.

Coppermine, the code-name for Pentium III processors based on the 0.18 micron manufacturing process, promise several enhancements over current versions of the Pentium III. The improvements will include integrated Level 2 cache for desktop versions of the chip, lower power consumption for mobile versions, and cooler operation for greater stability – especially in small form factor designs.

After announcing last June that Coppermine would be late, Intel decided to survey OEM customers about whether to separately introduce Coppermine versions for desktops, notebooks and servers, or to launch the various versions all at once in one big roll-out .

The survey results favored an all-at-once launch event, timed for late October or early November.

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