3dfx adds Voodoo3 drivers for Mac

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3dfx adds Voodoo3 drivers for Mac

3dfx Interactive Inc. has broadened its support for the Apple Macintosh market with the release of new Voodoo3 developer drivers.

Available now at www.3dfx.com, the new drivers will enable developers to create Macintosh versions of their Windows PC games and harness the Voodoo3 graphics platform for the Mac.

3dfx also announced that Mactell Corp. and other Mac market board makers have licensed Voodoo3 graphics accelerator chips for use in new Macintosh graphics boards. The boards are expected to be available later this year, and will deliver the fastest 3D graphics ever available for the Macintosh platform, according to 3dfx.

More than 500 software titles are available for 3dfx graphics accelerator products, with more than 200 titles written for the Glide API. The Glide API was designed by 3dfx Interactive to provide a simple and faster method for developers to write 3D game titles and software specifically to run on 3dfx accelerators.