Que! CD-RW drive available for PC-USB

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Que! CD-RW drive available for PC-USB

QPS has introduced a PC-USB version of its popular Que! CD-rewritable drive.

The new Que! PC-USB external CD-RW includes 2MB of buffer memory and the capacity to archive and exchange any type of data, including audio. It offers 4x writing speed of 600 kB, 2x rewriting speed of 300 kB, and 8x reading speed of 1200 kB.

QPS officials say design and production of the drive was prompted by reports that many customers who purchased the original Que! CD-RW for iMAC-USB were actually using the product on their PC Pentium-based systems.

Retail price of the Que! PC-USB CD-RW Drive is $299. A data sheet and reseller/retailer information is available at the QPS Web site at www.qps-inc.com.