Compu-DAWN wants Kmart shoppers’ attention

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Compu-DAWN wants Kmart shoppers' attention

Kmart and at least one other mass merchant retailer have tentatively agreed to sell a low-cost PC based on the GEOS operating system.

Compu-DAWN, a provider of Internet-based e-commerce and communications products and services, is now in the process of acquiring GlobalPC, the co-developer and worldwide licensee of GEOS, a simplified, low cost operating system and integrated applications software suite, company officials said.

Compu-DAWN plans to introduce a $299 GlobalPC in selected markets in time for the holiday buying season. The standard system will feature an x86 compatible processor, 1.44MB floppy drive, 1.2 to 2.0GB hard drive, v.90 modem, integrated keyboard, speakers and mouse.

The company also plans to offer licensing arrangements for both its operating system and hardware reference designs to national brand name consumer PC and consumer electronics manufacturers as early as the fourth quarter 1999.

More information about Compu-DAWN is available at