AltaVista offers free Web access

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AltaVista offers free Web access

AltaVista has launched a free dial-up Internet access program.

In return for unlimited Net service and e-mail, users must watch a constant stream of ads.

The AltaVista follows in the footsteps of other free ISP offers, from companies such as NetZero Inc., and Tritium Networks.

AltaVista is partnering with San Francisco-based to offer the service.

The service requires recipients to use a personalized MyAltaVista start page as their permanent home page. A small window displaying ads will run continuously while the user is online. AltaVista said the window “takes up less than five percent of a user’s desktop and can be positioned anywhere on the screen at the user’s discretion.”

Users must also tolerate a “MicroPortal service” on their desktop, a separate window that displays links to additional AltaVista services.

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