Intel to back new 133MHz SDRAM spec

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Intel to back new 133MHz SDRAM spec

Intel is expected to endorse a new set of interface specifications for 133MHz SDRAM, creating a rival standard to the PC133 chips now coming onto the market.

The new specs could include tighter timing parameters, according to sources at DRAM makers, PC manufacturers, and analyst firms.

The sources say Intel will tweak the 133MHz specs to gain control of the new memory chips’ qualification process. The move could also provide Intel with chip sets supporting 133MHz memory that outperform competing chip sets from Via Technologies and other rivals using current PC133 designs.

Intel has long spurned PC133, instead pushing its customers to move from PC100 SDRAM to Direct Rambus. Last month, the company finally softened its stance, in the face of PC makers’ reluctance to adopt the more expensive Rambus archictecture.

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