Windows, Sun OS security flaw?

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Windows, Sun OS security flaw?

A new report identifies a security flaw in Windows and Sun operating systems that could open the door to intruders.

L0pht Heavy Industries say users of broadband modems are vulnerable to the flaw, which allows malicious hackers to listen in on your computer’s conversation across the Internet.

The hacker-cum-security experts say the flaw affects Windows 95, 98 and 2000 as well as the SunOS and Solaris 2.6 running a network service known as the ICMP router discovery protocol, or IRDP, that determines the route computers use to connect to the Internet. An unauthorized user could use it to intercept outgoing information, possibly modify unencrypted or lightly encrypted data, or deny service to the network.

While the report says the malicious programmer needs to be inside the network to exploit the flaw, for cable modem users, that could be anyone on the local loop – a neighbor or someone on the next block. Analysts say they could glean a great deal of information, possibly including passwords and credit cards numbers.

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