Windows 2000 to debut soon?

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Windows 2000 to debut soon?

Novell Inc. has begun beta testing its Windows 2000 client for NetWare servers – a sign that Windows 2000 could be getting closer to shipping.

Novell routinely develops clients for desktop operating systems from Microsoft and other vendors, and recently began private tests of its Windows 2000 client among some of its top customers and systems. The company said it intends to test the product more broadly in late August or early September. Sources say Novell is aiming to ship commercially its Windows 2000 client 30 to 60 days after Microsoft goes gold with Windows 2000.

Microsoft, for its part, has said that it is on target to deliver Windows 2000 to manufacturing by the end of this year, meaning it will begin shipping commercially late this year, or more likely, early in 2000.

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